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Friday, February 23, 2007

Keeping Warm in Winter

We've been mighty cold here lately. We've had some snow, some sleet, some ice and now its just plain cold. Walking the dog is pure discipline -- even our clueless pooch is none-too-eager to be outside for very long. His fur coat isn't enough to keep the howling winds at bay and he seems to prefer a spot beside the woodstove for most of the day. I can't say I blame him. I'm struggling to stay warm as well. My husband would tell you that my struggle is NOT staying warm, but, rather staying warm while looking fashionable. And I suppose he's right. I need to be warm. I want to look good while doing that. I cannot stand that frumpy, bundled up, blob of a person under all that clothing kind of a look.
Today, at the grocery store, I noticed a lovely looking woman. She was bundled up to be sure. We all are. She even had on the big, puffy black boots that I make fun of -- even though I wear them when its cold like this. Black puffy boots, black heavy tights, black skirt cut just above the knee, red turtleneck, black sweater over the turtleneck and a terrific black heavy coat. She had on an adorable knit hat -- not a ski hat -- a cute shaped knitted hat in black -- and a black and red scarf. She looked adorable --- cute --- chic. Most of all, she looked warm.
I've been noticing a lot of fur lately too. I have no idea how much of it is real fur and how much of it is faux. Really don't care either. I've been wearing my faux fur quite a bit. And its warm -- really warm. I often feel overdressed in it -- but I'm warm. The problem is: I can't figure out what to pair with it for a hat or even a scarf. Gloves aren't so tricky, but none of my hats or scarves seem to look right with it. And I'm noticing that none of the women I'm seeing with furs seem to be wearing hats or scarves either. Maybe furs just don't go with hats or scarves?? And I'm not willing to do the full fur look and get one of those big furry hats. No, no, no.
I am getting a lot of mileage out of my Scottish Fisherman's coat as well. I have no idea what this thing is made out of, but it is warm. I bought it several years ago in Scotland -- at the time, I could barely stand to try it on, it was so warm. But I'm loving it right now. Paired up with jeans and other casual clothing, it looks great and it keeps me warm. Its looking pretty good with a tan hat and a plaid scarf (of course, a plaid scarf -- its Scottish!)
I'm also wearing my cashmere sweaters like crazy. I hadn't owned one until about two years ago -- and I'm astounded at how warm they really are. This year, I added a silvery grey one from the clearance rack at Lord and Taylor. It was a good price -- and I love the color. It accents the grey in my hair quite nicely -- goes with a lot of my pants and jackets-- and its warm. If I had known how warm cashmere can be, I would have worked harder at acquring more of it -- lots more of it.