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Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer House Guests

We’re having house guests  a lot this summer (one of the “benefits” of living in a tourist town).    So I’m trying to get things organized so that I can move between house guests easily (we have a couple of weekends where someone leaves and someone comes on the same day!)
I’m getting a spare house key cut.  I don’t want to be tethered to a guest’s schedule.  It will be easier for everyone if folks can come and go as they like.
I’m getting one more set of sheets for the guest bed.  One of mine are getting threadbare, and I really want to have 2 sets.  One for the bed, and one for the wash.  That way no scrambling to get the bedding washed and back on the bed quickly.   I also need to pick up a second set for the air mattress.  Several of our guests are coming with children who will be sleeping on our famous air mattress – I don’t want to have a scramble with those sheets either. 
I need to sort out the linen closet on the towel shelf too.  We have two sets of towels that are a different color that were originally set up as guest towels.  Somehow they’ve gotten mixed in with our towel sets and rotated into daily use.  I want to make sure that we have enough towels (nothing missing or damaged) for guests to be comfortable.
And last of all, I need to clear out the top two drawers of the dresser in the guest room.  We try to keep them empty for guests to use, but you know how it is --- junk happens.  And then we tuck it into empty drawers to hide the clutter.