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Monday, March 20, 2006

Water, Water Everywhere

Sometimes its the really little things that make all the difference. I re-discovered this again today, thanks to a comment from a friend.
Like so many of us, I attend Weight Watchers to manage my tendency to "spread". I find that I am better about what I eat and drink when I have an external "check" on myself. Weight Watchers does that for me. Like so many Weight Watchers, I am a constant water drinker. I try very hard to get my 8 glasses of water in before I leave work each day.
In order to do that, I keep a tall glass on my desk. I fill it throughout the day with ice cold water from the fridge. This glass is a lovely shaped tumbler that sparkles in the light. When its sitting next to a vase of cut flowers, it looks especially lovely. I enjoy looking at it. I enjoy the feel of it in my hand, the balance and the weight of it. Because I enjoy it, I use it. That means I drink my water.
I also have a recycled Voss water bottle that I use when I'm attending meetings in other parts of the building. I like the bottle too. I like the tall narrow shape. I like the heavy feel of it in my hand.
Today, someone commented on my bottle and my glass. They noticed that it wasn't the plain, colored plastic bottle that everyone else sports. Its just a little bit off. It keeps things interesting. It keeps things "pretty". Sometimes that's all it takes to make the day more pleasant. Most days that's all it takes to keep me drinking my water.