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Monday, April 03, 2006

Trenchcoat Chic

As the weather begins to get warmer, I am the first to shed my coat. I look forward to the freedom of wandering about in just my clothing, without the layers of wool to keep me warm. The past few weeks here have been rather warm, in the 60's. I was the first to abandon my winter coat (and all other forms of coats).
Then I noticed something interesting. The chic women around me were not coatless. In fact, being coatless around them, made me feel a bit frumpy and undone. Something just was not right. I took a closer look. These fabulously dressed women were ALL wearing some kind of a light coat. There were a few hip-length pea coats and a few car-length spring coats, but for the most part I observed trench coats.
I had never thought of trench coats as anything other than utilitarian and plain. But as I watched the sea of black and khaki trench coats around town, I began to revise my opinion. The dark trench coat against the lighter colored clothing we all are wearing now provides a nice contrast. It highlights the cheery spring colors. It outlines the silhouette and gives a nice long, lean line to the body. Belted at the waist, it defines the figure. Open it down the front, it creates a long, narrow slash of color down the center of the body.
This is not your mother's trench coat!! Actually, it is. It is still the same basic trench. But looking at these impossibly smart looking women, I had a new appreciation for the humble trench coat.
I'm rethinking my rush to coatless-ness. I've pulled out my unlined, basic black London Fog. I'm wearing it alot more these days. I don't really need a coat. I'm surely not cold and I don't need protection from the rain or the elements. I just want the chic line and look that the basic, black trench coat provides.