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Monday, May 04, 2009

Spicing Up Water

Okay, so I'm back and I'm working both blogs now. And I'm back to really working the cheap chic lifestyle --- and I'm back to losing the 10 pounds that have crept back up on me ----
So, obviously, one of the first steps I'm taking is to replace a significant amount of my beverage consumption with clear tea or water. Frankly, that gets a little bit boring really quickly. So, here's my plan:
1. Plain old clean, fresh water. But I'll spice it up a little. I'm thinking of adding
  • a lemon wheel -- I think these look so much prettier than just a wedge of lemon. If I cut a slice of a lemon early in the day and let it float around in my water bottle, that should look appetizing, fresh and refreshing.

  • mint leaves --- I'm growing mint again -- this time in the AeroGarden -- so its easy to clip a few sprigs and float them in the water bottle. I love the fresh taste of mint, so this should be a delight.
  • cucumber -- I'm thinking that I'll cut this as a spear rather than as rounds. We'll see how that looks and feels. I just want a really different feeling with each change of what I'm doing with the water. The whole idea here is to make this interesting and appetizing.
  • strawberry slices --- Or maybe a whole strawberry partially sliced and fanned out?? I'm not sure that this won't get yucky after a few hours in the water. We'll see.
2. Seltzer -- I love the fizzy stuff!! And it comes in so many flavors. One of my favorites is the Polar Seltzer Vanilla flavor. Its a bit like drinking unsweetened creme soda --- all of the pleasure of creme soda without the sicky-sweet taste. It won't need a thing added to it to be delightful. Its tricky to find (ShopRite had it for a while, I'll check back there) which is why I stopped drinking it so much. It just was too difficult to find and keep handy. It only came in the 1 liter bottles (I prefer the cans for taking to work) and most stores didn't stock it at all.

3. Unsweetened Iced Tea -- this should be an easy one. There are so many excellent flavors of tea out there. Fortunately, last year I splurged on an iced tea maker from Target. It has a lovely glass pitcher and it makes excellent tea. We've become fussy at my house, so we start with bottled water now. Believe it or not, it really makes a huge difference!

So, I'm off to begin some heavy drinking ---- join me??