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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Company for the Weekend

We’re having company again this weekend --- which got me to thinking about the attention to little details that really seem to make a difference for guests. 
The first thing that comes to mind is clearing off the porch.  We’ve been using the porch like crazy in a last desperate attempt to savor the end of summer.  So there’s a blanket still draped over the rocker where I was snuggled up with my book.  The dog’s extra leash is out there from a quick trip out the other night.  And the beginnings of the falling leaves (just one or two) have blown in against the house. 
Its not a terrible mess, by any means.  But it certainly doesn’t scream welcome – we’re glad you came. 
So for starters --- we’ll be cleaning all of that up.  I’ll be checking that both of the lightbulbs in the porch fixtures work (we don’t want to end up looking like some spooky Halloween house) and checking for cobwebs in the corner (the Halloween reference reminded me to do that)
Then, I’ll make use of the Garden Club coupon from Home Depot to add a couple of potted mums on either side of the door.  That should look nice – and will definitely say Welcome. 
Its good to have guests ---- its even better when they feel that way too.