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Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Flu

So – as long as I’m fighting off colds this season, I thought I’d get a jump on sinus infections as well.  I hate getting sinus infections – and I seem to get one every year.  They’re painful, debilitating and annoying.  Anything I can do to help prevent them  --- I’ll try it.   Here’s what I’ve learned lately that I think might help:

·       Using massage – But surprise!!  You need to massage your hands and feet for this trick to work.  This sounds iffy to me – but like I said – I’ll try anything to avoid another sinus infection --- Apparently there is some kind of connection between the hands and feet and the nerve pathways to the sinuses.  Supposedly massaging your hands and feet for 5 minutes a day will alter the blood flow and nerve pathways to your sinuses – leading to less congestion and less pain.  We’ll see.
·       Scrubbing windowsills and under the kitchen sink with bleach.  This is where most of our homes have hidden mold growning.  We breathe in the mold spores and they get all stuck in the mucus in our sinuses and breed until an infection develops.  Kill the mold and reduce the opportunity for something to irritate your sinuses and launch an infection.
·       Walking!!    People who walk every day have less congestion and swelling in their sinuses. 
·       Eating horseradish or wasabi or other spicy foods.  You know the sensation of tingling in your nose when you get a good dab of wasabi??? That’s the feeling you want if you’re seriously fighting sinus infections.  It makes your nose run – which drains out all of the irritants that can launch the next infection. 
·       Take a morning shower.  Remember how your grandmother used to set up the steam kettle when someone had a cough or cold??  She was smart.  It worked. Steam opens up your sinuses and makes them drain.  Standing in the steamy shower for 10 minutes can open and drain your sinuses.  After 8 hours (you are getting enough sleep aren’t you??) of lying on your back – your sinuses are grateful for the steamy cleansing.