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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lent and Celebrations

So for those of you who “observe”, Lent officially begins today.  For those of us simply doing the “get ready, get set” (should we call this Lent-Lite??? – although spiritually, its not lite, is it??) we’ve already begun. 
Today’s challenge from the Lenten Calendar (wish I knew where Cindy gets this thing from??)  is:  The cost of a night on the town for a couple can provide emergency food supplies for a family of five for a month.  Wow --- think about that.  What we “blow” on a celebration (like Valentine’s Day this past weekend) can provide food for five people for a MONTH!!   Now, I know you and I are more frugal than most…. But still…… not that much more frugal!!  Even if my celebrations could only feed that family for 2 weeks or so.  I begin to feel my own decadence. 
But this is a season to “get ready” to celebrate Easter, not a season to beat myself up about my own decadence.  It’s a season to remember, be thankful, and demonstrate my gratitude with giving.  That’s why we do this project. 
The challenge in the calendar is to give according to the number of celebrations you’ve had in the past month.  My challenge to you is a little bit different:  estimate the cost of your last couple of celebrations (Valentine’s Day, birthdays etc)  Pick a number that fairly represents a “celebration cost”.  Divide by 14 (“even if my celebrations could only feed that family for two weeks or so…) and see if you can plan a day’s worth of food for that cost (sounds like an eat from the pantry challenge for the day, doesn’t it?)