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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lent: Water

This entire week on the “Get Ready- Get Set calendar” is all about water.  Its so easy to forget how much of the world cannot simply turn on the tap and get fresh clean water.  I remember living in China and craving a glass of ice cold water.  It simply was not a possibility.  All of our water had to be boiled for safety reasons.  The only way to be sure that water had been boiled was to drink it “boiling hot”.  I drank more cups of hot water than I care to remember.  Ice cold water just wasn’t safe. 
I think of that every time I read one of those fitness tips about drinking more water.  Or when Weight Watchers tells me I need to drink eight glasses of water every day.  I have a lot of nerve complaining about that.  There was a day (a very hot day, back in China) when I would have gladly downed all eight glasses as once --- as long as they were icy cold, clean, fresh water. 
So the challenge today is to drink more water --- and not complain about it!!  Make it a ceremony of sorts.  Find a fabulous glass and maybe a pitcher.  Slice some lemon or some cucumber.  Get some ice and some fresh, clean water.  Think of this as similar to a Japanese tea ceremony.  Its all about presence and mindfulness.  Pour the water, sip the water.  Feel it on your tongue.  Swirl it around your mouth like some snooty wine connoisseur.  Swallow and feel it slide down your throat.  Be thankful. 
Now --- no more swigging water mindlessly from Poland Springs bottles left on the counter over night.  After all, this blog IS about making life more beautiful and elegant.  Repeat that little water ceremony over and over and over again.  Water can be its own little elegant part of your life.  And you’ll be more thankful for it, too.