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Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Tiny Bit Better Than Yesterday

The other day I was listening to the radio and heard this interview with Chantel Hobbs --- you can listen to the interview here and see her website here.   She is a fitness expert and motivational speaker with a Christian perspective.  While I found some of her comments about diet and exercise very intriguing (I’ll get to that in a minute) – I found one comment she made to start a huge brain spark in me.  “We need to get to the place where we decide that every single day we can live a little bit better than we did yesterday”.  WOW!!   That applies to just about everything in life around here. 
In terms of fitness and healthy eating --- I’ll just borrow from Chantel.  Its all about balance --- fast one meal a week --- splurge one meal a week.  Balance --- but overall, make a daily decision that today will be a tiny bit better than yesterday.  Eat a tiny bit more vegetables today.  Eat a tiny bit less junk food today than yesterday.  Walk or run a tiny bit further today.  Move a tiny bit more.  That’s all, just be a tiny bit better today than yesterday. 
Yesterday is already on the books.  There is nothing you or I can do that will change yesterday.  And tomorrow is too overwhelming.  Nevermind forever – that’s way too overwhelming.  Just manage today – let today be one tiny bit better than yesterday was. 
Can you imagine how much life will be in one year if every day gets a tiny bit better than the day before it???  Can you imagine how much fitter our bodies could be? How much smaller our clothing might be?? How much better our doctor’s checkup will be??
So as we move through this spring together, I want to look at Chantel Hobbs’ idea and apply it to some different areas of life.  Want to come with me??