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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Menu Plan Monday: 3/29

Well, so much for great plans and designs.  I started Menu Plan Monday two weeks ago with a bang.  Last week, it just didn't happen --- not at all.  It didn't matter all that much because we had gone out for dinner two different nights on the weekend with friends and came home with a ton of leftovers -- and that essentially became the menu plan for the week.  No fuss, no muss.
But still --- when I commit to something, I like to actually see it through -- and I hate getting off to such a poor start.
Now this week, I'm a day late with my menu plan (just posting it, actually -- I really did make it on Sunday)   
This week is a bit challenging because of the Easter holiday coming up and the various responsibilities that we have (okay, okay, that my husband has...) during the week.  It messes with meal planning quite a bit.  But here's my best effort, because I believe that simply doing it is important.  I do have to make more of a day-by-day plan this week, because the week is so crazy.... Here goes:

Monday:  toast with peanut butter, oranges, tea
Tuesday:  pineapple with cottage cheese
Wednesday:  fruit smoothies
Thursday:  flagel (a flat bagel) with cream cheese and juice
Friday: We're fasting
Saturday: egg sandwiches on english muffins
Sunday: breakfast at church

Monday:  leftover macaroni and cheese
Tuesday:  salad with salami ribbons
Wednesday:  cucumber roll sushi and apple wedges
Thursday:  fruit salad and cottage cheese
Friday:  We're fasting
Saturday:  We'll be traveling:  granola bars, cheese and crackers, apple wedges
Sunday:  Easter dinner:  ham, potatoes, asparagus, popovers, salad

Monday:  eggplant and cheese rollups
Tuesday:  pasta with sauce
Wednesday:  beef and peppers over rice
Thursday:  pierogies with sour cream and carmelized onions
Friday:  We're fasting
Saturday: Dinner out with Dan and Lisa
Sunday:  can't imagine we'll want anything after that huge Easter dinner!!