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Monday, August 30, 2010

Organizing the Car

I’m heading back to school/work so commuting is back on the table as an issue in my life.  I hate the car when its cluttery, messy, and yucky.  And I hate paying for car washes that never seem to last the day. 
So, I’m getting serious about this --- I’m attempting to organize the car.  I spend way too much time in the car to feel awful about that space.  I need to love my car and love being in it.  So, I’m determined --- the car will be an organized, pleasant, user-friendly space. 

First up --- a pretty trash bin.  Since I’ve gotten the new sewing maching and I’m trying all sorts of cute projects --- a new trash bin is on my list.  I can line it with old grocery store bags to make removing trash easier, but the bin itself WILL BE  pretty. 

Next:  a better phone charger.  I hate the one I have – sometimes it charges, sometimes it doesn’t and I never know which it will be until its too late.  All done with that problem.  New charger – that works.
File system:  I found this black (okay, not so cute) little file box that can sit in the front seat and keep papers, files, magazines, (the mail) and other stuff organized for me.  It has slots for scissors (I’m always hunting for scissors), pens and the like. 

Hanging organizer:  I’ve been looking at these but they’ve always seemed too “soccer mom-ish” for me.  They’re always shown in the pictures with kids books, games, and snacks in them. Not what I need.  But I’m re-thinking them.  I think that they could hold a lot of the cluttery stuff that accumulates in the car.  The maps that don’t fit in the glove compartment (yes, I still use maps), the dog bones, a travel pack of wipes (essential!), Kleenex (equally essential), an extra pair of gloves – could all go in the organizer hanging on the back of the passenger seat so that I can reach them. 

Last thing:  I need to come up with some sort of organizing bin for the cell phone and other gadgets.  They need to be right by the charger (naturally) but not falling into my way or in danger of having drinks spilled on them.  Any ideas?