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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer Gear: Organizing My Entryway

We’re half-way through the summer (okay, you don’t have to point it out – we’re MORE than half-way – but I don’t want to think about that yet).  The mess by the back door is beginning to get on my nerves.  We have a large collection of dog leashes, pooper bags, beach stuff, cooler stuff, sunglasses and more that seems to have accumulated there.  The organizing that I did to corral the winter gear is still in place --- but that’s the problem!  The winter gear is occupying all of the important real estate –  There’s no room for all of the summer gear.  Time to fix this before I lose my mind. 
I LOVE my antique ice-box by the back door – the inside of the ice-box holds (and hides!) all sorts of gear.  But right now the top is messy and stuff is piled on the counter, the table and the floor alongside it. 
Here’s what I’m thinking:
Ø  Magnetic hooks on the side of the ice box to increase the hanging space for leashes, keys, etc. 
Ø  A new wall rack/hook alongside it.  The old one only has 3 hooks – and although they’re large – they’re not cutting it.  It also has a shelf that we don’t’ really use – except to catch cluttery stuff that never seems to leave the shelf once it takes up residence there. 
Ø  A couple of small pretty baskets for the top of the ice box to corral the sunglasses etc…. similar to what I did for gloves etc in the winter –
Ø  A small bookshelf on the far side of the ice box – this could hold shoes, dog toys, cooler gear and the like without being obtrusive about it.  When the wetter weather comes, the shoe tray could sit right in front of the shelf. 
Ø  A tray (maybe a sorter?) for the top of the bookshelf for mail etc --- We have a bad habit of leaving it on the counter (what a mess!)   My previous plan had this on the top of the ice-box , but I’m really wanting that to look clean and tidy --- NO clutter --- not even the mail.