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Thursday, May 20, 2010


One of my goals for the summer is to try geo-caching.  It sounds fun --- we’ll get outdoors, get some exercise – the dog can go with us – and best of all, its free. 
Geo-caching is a sort of “sport”.  Its like an outdoor treasure hunt.  People set up “caches”  --- small weather-proof containers with a log and sometimes a “treasure” in them.  Participants (that would be ME) use GPS to try to locate the containers.  When you find one, you add your name and information to the log – and get the thrill of finding a treasure.  Best of all (for me) it works with the IPhone because its GPS enabled.  No equipment to purchase. 
I went to to get some information.  I set up a free account (just needed an email address basically) and started looking at possible caches to find.  There were about 25 within 5 miles of my house!!  Including along some of our favorite hiking trails.  We can’t wait to get started.