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Monday, May 24, 2010

Personal Best Monogram Shoppe

We took a trip over to Washington Depot --- a tiny little town in northwestern Connecticut.  What a wonderful shop we found!  Personal Best Monogram Shop sells custom and stock monograms (the stock ones were lovely!) and will embroider that monogram onto pretty much anything you want. 
We noticed bathrobes, napkins, mens shirts, towels, and all kinds of fabrics.  But they also do stationery.  Some people have even had their monogram done on wallpaper (I’d love to see that room --- its either classy beyond words, or tacky beyond words – can’t decide which)
These were beautiful monograms, not the simple ones I’m used to finding everywhere.   Don’t bother looking for a website --- there isn’t one.  But a day trip over to Washington Depot will yield a ton of fun --- they’re on Green Hill Road right in Washington Depot  or give them a call 860-868-9966