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Monday, May 17, 2010

Speed Cleaning My Bathroom

Speed cleaning is always up my alley.  (No cleaning would be up my alley too, if it didn’t result in living in a pig sty).  I’ve picked up a couple of tricks recently that are making the bathroom part of cleaning a bit speedier. 
First off, I replaced the toilet brush holder.  You know, the one that sits on the floor beside the toilet and holds the brush you use to clean the toilet.  I replaced the holder with a ceramic one that is all one piece.  No seams.  Why?? Because the FlyLady taught me the best trick.  Fill that beautiful ceramic cylinder with a generic cleaning fluid (I’m loving Lysol Lavender scented all-purpose cleaner) and put the toilet brush back in the holder.  Voila – always ready, no fussing around finding the cleaner, putting it away afterward etc.  How silly did I feel that I never, ever though of that??  Better question:  How great do I think it is now? 
My next great aha:  Clorox wipes.  Yeah, I know – the rest of you have loved them for a long time.  And I’ll confess, I’ve loved them in the kitchen and at work.  But I hadn’t thought about them in the bathroom all that much.  They are the cat’s meow for wiping down the sink and the top of the toilet as often as I notice it (which is way more often than when I had to drag out all of that cleaning stuff.)  I did give the Scrubbing bubbles wipes a try – but I like the Clorox and Lysol all-purpose wipes better.  Plus they kill germs like crazy.  And you can do the mirror with them without streaking it like mad. 
Just a couple of tricks, but boy do they make my life a lot easier.