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Monday, January 25, 2010

Baskets in the Fridge

I was kind of taken aback -- I didn't expect so many comments and questions about my baskets in the fridge as a part of my mini-makeover of my kitchen.  I thought everybody used baskets in the fridge and I was late to the party.  I guess not.
Putting baskets in my fridge is the single best fridge organization trick I've ever learned.  Its quick, cheap and easy.  And it makes the fridge super organized and easy to work with.
I bought a handful (I think 4-5) of these baskets --- they fit on the shelves in my fridge perfectly.  Each basket takes up the lion's share of half a shelf.
I designate each basket with a purpose.  One holds leftovers, one holds snacks and goodies.  Another one holds yogurt and breakfast stuff.  Whatever suits your needs as a family.
Everything that belongs in that basket goes in that basket and STAYS in that basket.  It makes it easy for me to know what needs to be replenished (or absolutely DOESN'T need restocking -- there is nothing worse than coming home with a ton of yogurt and discovering that no one has eaten the yogurt that is already in the fridge because it got pushed to the back of the shelf and forgotten about)  I can see at a quick glance what we have enough of -- and what we need.
Everyone else in the house can see at a quick glance what is available for eating (without having to locate me and ask me personally).  If its in the snack/munchie basket -- go ahead and munch.  If its in the leftover basket -- its available for lunch.  Eat it.
Packing lunches in the morning becomes easier and more streamlined with my baskets too.  I just grab a whole basket -- take it to the counter and start packing.  Everything I need is right there handy.  When I'm done, the basket goes back in the fridge -- no muss, no fuss.
I seriously LOVE my fridge baskets ---