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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Shower Power

Some days I really long for a tub – you know, the old fashioned kind where you can sink down up to your chin without your knees popping out.  I crave a soak. 
Unfortunately, craving is all I’ll be doing.  We have a shower stall – a nice one, but a shower stall.  No tub.  No soaks. 
But I’m determined to make this a relaxing oasis for us.  Even if I can’t have a bubble bath, I’m going to relax, enjoy and be restored.  So I was jazzed about finding some ideas for making this happen.
1.    Towel warmers;  I grew up in an old Victorian house with radiators.  It was kind of a family habit that we draped our bath towels and our clothing over the radiator before stepping into the tub or shower.  I got accustomed to toasty warm towels.  Boy was it a shock when I moved out of my parents house and into more modern digs and had to endure cold towels.  I bought our first towel warmer off the clearance aisle at Marshalls about 6 or 7 years ago.  We’ll never go back. 
2.    A textured bathmat:  I saw one at Marshalls the other day that looks like stones in the garden, but I wasn’t too sure how that would feel underfoot.  There are quite a number that are made with reflexology in mind however.  I’m not liking the price tags all that much, but I’m loving the idea.  I have to figure out how I’m going to manage this one.
3.    Shower Bombs:  This didn’t sound so good on first hearing.  Apparently they make the equivalent of fizzy bath cubes in the form of shower bombs.  Its supposed to release a mist with relaxing aromas as the water from the shower hits it.  I ordered a package of Shower Fizzers from
4.    A New Shower Head:  I bought one of the shower heads that are supposed to feel like rain.  Its huge compared to my old shower head.  My husband has promised to install it this weekend, so we’ll see.  At the very least, its new and shiny.  And as long as the water pressure is still good coming out of the shower head, there’s no downside for us.  And maybe, just maybe we’ll love, love, love the rain feel of the shower.  Sounds like a tropical resort, doesn’t it?
5.    Essential Oils:  My yoga teacher suggested this one.  She dabs a bit of essential oil around the edges of the showerhead before a shower.  I tried it last night – and its wonderful.  I dabbed a few drops of lavender oil and spread it all along the outer edge of the shower head (the old one) before my bedtime shower.  As the hot water splashed out of the showerhead, the scent from the oil wafted all over the place.  Love it.