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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Communication Station: Entryway

Since I seem to be on a mini-makeover thing this month, I decided that I really wanted to streamline and organize all of our cell phones, mail organizers, chargers etc.  So I thought I’d create a ‘communication station’ by the back door. 
We have an antique icebox that has a place of honor by the back door.  The compartments hold all sorts of things.  There are places to stash mittens, scarves, and the dog leash.  Because it’s a heavy metal unit, it also holds magnets and keeps the keys on the side. 
On the downside – the magnets also mean that it tends to get cluttery with papers held onto it by magnets.  The top of the icebox also tends to collect a lot of junk. It needs some help. 
1.    I’m putting two wooden dishes on the top of the icebox.  One is fairly good sized and round.  It will hold whatever comes out of my husband’s pockets.  He has that man-habit of emptying his pockets when he comes in the door.  The other is a long narrow dish with three dividers.  I think it was sold for serving appetizers or nuts or something. We’ve used it for parties, but not so much that we’ll miss it.  It can hold whatever else needs corralling.
2.    I’m putting the rattan basket that I use for recycling paper UNDER the icebox.  The icebox stands on legs and is fairly far off of the floor.  The space underneath currently amasses an assortment of boots, shoes, slippers and dog toys (no, Ginger, those are not all the same thing!!)  I’m thinking that by having the recycling bin right there by the door, the junk mail, newspapers etc can be corralled right away.  I’m also hoping that by being close to the door, they’ll go OUT the door more quickly.   Being underneath will keep it from being the eyesore that it currently is.
3.    We keep a portable shredder on top of a rectangular antique flour canister.  I’m thinking that can go on the floor beside the icebox.  I’m really serious about junk mail not invading the house.  I want it confined to the entry area.  This way we can shred and toss right at the door. 
4.    I’m going to hang a small magnetic basket on the far side of the icebox.  I’m not thrilled about how this will look, so I want it out of sight for the most part.  I’m looking for a simple plastic basket.  The kind that holds whiteboard markers and erasers where I work.  I’ll run the charger cords for the phones through the bottom and then the cell phones will have a charging home right by the door.  No more mad dashes up to the bedroom for a forgotten cell phone sitting on the dock on the nightstand.