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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tax Organization: Give Away

Doing the drudge tasks is something that cannot be avoided for those of us without "help".  I don't have a personal organizer, nanny, chef, housekeeper, chauffeur, butler or any other staff.  I have to do it myself.  But making it organized and pretty sure makes the chores go down easier.  Mary Poppins was surely onto someone with that spoonful of sugar idea.....
So here's my spoonful of sugar for this week --- I have to begin collecting the documents I will need to do my taxes (psst --- so do you!!)
First off, I sat down with my beloved TurboTax from last year and make a list of every single piece of information that silly program will ask me for during the course of preparing my tax return.  I typed it all out in a WORD document using the check-box option in bullets.
Then I make folders and stuck them into a cute little expanding file.  I'll clip the checklist on the front (not shown in the photo -- too much information, I think) and check things off as they arrive and I put them in my file.
Its cute enough to sit out on the desk and not annoy me --- which means that I'll actually put the documents in the file quickly rather than lose them in the piles of mail and other stuff.  That alone will help make my taxes go more quickly.
I'll also know as soon as I have everything --- which means I can start my taxes as early as possible -- and get my  measly little refund as quickly as possible too.  I like that.
Now, since I've decided to get a little more serious with this blog this year --- and since one of my strategies for getting more serious is to do some giveaways --- You benefit.
I've made up one extra Tax Organizer (the photo has mine -- tipped open so you can see PLUS one to give away --- that one could be yours)  It has the expanding organizer, all of the folders, a set of blank labels (yours wouldn't be the same as mine anyway) and a generic checklist (mine is super personal for our situation).
Leave me a comment  on this post to enter.    I'll draw one name using the random integer generator to pick a winner.  Make sure you leave me a way to contact you if you win!!
Give Away Ends Thursday 1/28 at 4:00 my time.
Best of luck!!


Reagan said...

I love this idea --- wow. Hope I win - it might make my taxes a little less "taxing"

Ms Goodwin said...

Me too --- pick me, pick me.