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Monday, January 11, 2010

Kitchen Mini-Makeover

I don’t have the time or the money for a full kitchen makeover – but I’d love one!! (that was just in case any fairy godmothers were listening!!)
So – I’m going to do a fake-over – I’m going to spruce up my kitchen on a budget of $50.  Here’s my plan:
1.    Completely clear the countertops --- Most of the stuff just isn’t going back.  It will need to find another home --- in my home or at the Goodwill Store – but not on my countertop!!.  Once they’re cleared, I’m sure they’ll need a good cleaning – and then the gleam will look and feel terrific.
2.    Clean up the sink area --- this is something I learned from the FlyLady.  Shine your sink!!  I need to get rid of the old, moldy Brillo pad, the skanky sponge, and the nasty, drippy soap dispenser that I don’t use because it leaks (which is how it became nasty and drippy in the first place)  I need new sponges (I want the cute ones with the colors and the patterns. I saw some striped ones at the Odd Lot store that I adore) I’ll look for a new soap dispenser at Home Goods (I abhor the ugly plastic bottles that dish soap comes in)
3.    Sweep the floor, mop the floor and put down new throw rugs.  Some of mine are looking a little sad (especially the one Ginger has been pulling at the edges of --- silly dog).  Although the kitchen is blue and yellow (very French Country), I’m thinking that a splash of Cranberry Red might brighten it up for the long cold winter (not to mention not showing the slushy, muddy boot prints and paw-prints all winter). 
4.    Clean out the fridge and put in new baskets and a new can dispenser.  Seriously, these are the best fridge tricks I ever learned.  I keep the seltzer cans in a rolling can dispenser (we’re not real soda or beer drinkers – but seltzer – that’s a different story).  And I keep plastic baskets on the lower shelves.  Each basket contains a different category of item.  There’s a salad basket – with all of the bags of pre-washed lettuce, baby carrots, bottles of salad dressing, and other veggies for salads. Want to make a salad?  Just pull out the basket and you’re ready to go.  There’s a condiment basket – it corrals all of the odd bottles of ketchup, mayo, mustard etc that seem to wander around the fridge and get in the way.  All of the various fruit juices go in another basket for easy grab-and-go in the morning.  Right now I need new baskets (or a serious trip through the dishwasher for the ones I have!)